TL;DR: Tag the guest network as VLAN 1733 in the UniFi Controller.

I have had the Synology RT2600ac for a few years and it was time to upgrade the Wi-fi at my work. I used the RT2600ac and bought a new UniFi nanoHD AP. Both are excellent products but making the guest network work properly took more time than I had anticipated. The Synology device does not officially support VLANs (yet) on their LAN. But they have Documented the VLAN used by their guest network (Finding this took me longer then I'm willing to admit, hence this blog post) The VLAN for the guest network is 1733. I first found it mentioned on the Synology Forum Thanks @rustyduck!

Let's Fix it

I assume that you already have the networks configured with subnets on the RT2600ac Router and UniFi Controller e.g. for your staff and guests.

In my case, I have an unmanaged switch connected to the Synology Router and I have the UniFi NanoHD AP connected to that.

In the UniFi Controller Settings open your Wi-Fi network (Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Networks > [Wi-Fi Network] > Advanced Settings) and for your guest network enable Use a VLAN and set the VLAN ID to 1733.

You can also set the VLAN ID in Networks > Local Networks > [Network] > General


Just re-provision your UniFi devices and the compatibility issue with the Guest network should be fixed!