Package repository for Synology

April 2020 - Ongoing

Syno Reposetory

A much faster reimplementation of spkrepo


dnscrypt-proxy package for Synology

April 2018


dnscrypt-proxy package for Synology NASs and Routers enables encrypted DNS for your network, custom blacklists, a DNS cache and optional logging. Credits for dnscrypt-proxy goto Frank Denis (@jedisct1). I merely packaged it and added a simple text editor GUI.


Open DNS resolver

January 2017 - Ongoing

DNS Statistics

A free Australian DNS resolver with DNSSEC support. The server resolves OpenNIC TLD's. Connections are only supported through DNSCrypt, DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for increased security and privacy. The server configuration and docker files are open source for you to inspect at your leisure. You can find pretty graphs and statistics generated from munin here.


  • Unbound DNS Resolver with DNSSEC and Query minimisation
  • NSD for hosting a slave zone of the OpenNIC alt-root
  • Haproxy as a proxy and to terminate TLS (TLS 1.2) for DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS (HTTP/2)
  • dnscrypt-wrapper for supporting the dnscrypt protocol
  • rust-doh for implementing the DNS-over-HTTPS protocol. Needs haproxy for HTTPS
  • Docker, Docker hub and Docker swarm for packaging, isolation and deployment
  • Alpine Linux used as base Operating System in docker containers
  • Kubernetes deployment, scaling, and management of docker applications
  • Chrony timekeeping with ntp. The server is part of


October 2016

Showing export progress from Google Maps

A npm module, CLI (command line) and Website designed to download Google map images, using the Google Maps API. It was created to help researchers easily get image data for a specific area.


Work Integrated Learning

June 2016

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a program designed to integrate final year, undergraduate and postgraduate UNI students into the workplace. This is a website for the course. It aims to facilitate the process of matching students and industry partners with the added ability to share files and schedule events or meetings.

I was the backend programmer and system administrator during the development of the site.


  • Laravel 5.2 (laravel-debugbar, maatwebsite/excel, laracasts/generators, ...)
  • Rocketeer (a deployment tool)
  • Digital Ocean (Debian jessie, php 7, MySQL, Apache2)
  • Papertrail (a log file aggregator and query tool)
  • Mailgun (send and receive email)
  • Bitbucket
  • and many more development tools such as git, ufw, fail2ban ...

Solar System

September 2015

Solar System

The aim was to teach kids and teenagers about the solar system. The learning object was designed with multiple learning styles in mind. There is textual, audio, visual and minimal kinetic content to facilitate multiple learning styles.

See the slides for more information:


More projects are at Github.